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Wilkiinsburg Community Ministry has several programs that help provide food and basic necessities that benefit all members of the community, including the elderly, disabled youth and adults, at-risk youth, and families.

Youth Meal Partnership Program

WCM has partnered with several local agencies to provide meals to at-risk youth and developmentallly challenged youth in after-school, summer, and developmental health programs.

Agencies include the Boys and Girls Club of Wilkinsburg summer and after-school program, the FROGs (Friends, Reading, and Other Great Stuff) program at the First Presbyterian Church of Edgewood, PLEA (Programs for Living, Education and Advocacy) School, which is a school and partial hospital for children with developmental disabilities, and the Wilkinsburg Youth Police Academy.

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At the Boys and Girls Club, youth learn about food preparation by serving meals to Boys and Girls Club members.

The Youth Meal Partnership program provides a partner agencies with low-cost healthy meals. These programs benefit the community by keeping kids fed and off the streets and by providing them with educational activities and adult supervision.

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Tonya Latimore, an assistant cook, prepares meals daily lunches
for youth of the PLEA program.

If you are a Wilkinsburg area church, school, or non-profit interested WCM's Youth Meal Partnership Program, please contact us.


Urban Survival Programs

Urban Survival Food Programs

Food Pantry: WCM purchases boxed and canned food from the Pittsburgh Food Bank and distributes it to needy individuals and families. Food is distributed, based on family size, to those who are in a crisis situation in need of emergency food. Currently, a referral from a social worker or a church affiliate is required to receive food from the pantry, and an appointment must be made.

Free Bread Wednesday: Giant Eagle makes bread donations to WCM, which we offer every Wednesday morning to anyone in the community who needs bread.

Holiday Food Drive: WCM distributes holiday food bags to local Wilkinsburg residents. Individuals and families can sign up for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, and the food is distributed prior to the holiday. Most food is purchased from the Pittsburgh Food Bank and Giant Eagle gift cards are distributed in order for families to buy turkeys and/or hams. Some of the vouchers are donated and some are purchased by WCM.

Over 130 Wilkinsburg families were served for both Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2008.

Urban Survival - Household and Basic Needs

Energy Assistance Program: WCM provides assistance with LIHEAP/CRISIS applications and Dollar Energy Fund applications for individuals and families who cannot afford their heating or water bill. Requests can be made only if the utility company has completely shut-off services. WCM is the only energy assistance provider in the region.

Furniture and Clothing Program: WCM accepts clothing and furniture donations and distributes them to people on an as-needed basis.

If you need assistance, please contact us.

If you would like to donate or volunteer for these programs, please contact us . We are always looking for assistance and our community members will appreciate it!

Senior Services & Meals on Wheels

Wilkinsburg Community Ministry has been providing Meals on Wheels services to Wilkinsburg residents for over 20 years. Senior citizens and disabled citizens are provided with nutritional meals, some on a daily basis.

WCM served 16,000 meals in 2008 through over 30 volunteers.

The Meals on Wheels program is essential to the health of our community - neighbors are not only delivering meals, but they are also checking in on the elderly and disabled to make sure they are safe and do not need immediate medical attention. Without dedicated volunteers (over 35 drivers and helpers, who commit each week or month to service) hundreds of residents would not receive daily meals.

Meals are served Monday-Friday, including holidays that fall on weekdays. Meals include one hot lunch and a bag which includes milk and bread.

To inquire if you qualify for meals, please contact our Meals on Wheels Coordinator, Anita McKeithen at 412.241.8072 or email at anitam@wcm15221.org.

meals on wheels volunteers

VOLUNTEERS: Wilkinsburg Community Ministry is in need of Meals on Wheels volunteers -- if you would like to serve your community as a driver or a helper for Meals on Wheels, please contact WCM at 412.241.8072 or email at volunteers@wcm15221.org


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