Wilkinsburg Community Ministry Programs include:

Store Front Pantry – helping families put food on the table!

We Share Food–Mobile Food Pantry that will visit neighborhoods to provide easier access for those with transportation challenges.  Basically, it’s the Store Front Pantry on Wheels!

At present, WCM operates its mobile pantry at

Operation Backpack – provides backpacks for Wilkinsburg school children through the district.

Pantry Garden — We grow a variety of plants and veggies and herbs and focus at least part of the garden as a learning space for our neighbors, Peace of Mind, a child care center across Franklin. Saturday April 15 is the second of 5 working Saturdays!

We welcome you to get involved in the Wilkinsburg community by volunteering and/or making a donation. We appreciate your support and interest in making our community a better place to live, work, pray, and play.

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