Urban Survival Program

Through the Urban Survival Program, WCM leverages the contributions of several community and local business partners to provide emergency food, bread, soup, clothing, and other basic necessities, such as diapers and hygiene products to people in need.

WCM provided basic needs to 2,172 clients in 2013.

The Urban Survival Program helps families through the following initiatives:

  • Emergency Food Pantry – providing sundries and canned foods, as well as perishables, such as bread and milk, on an as-needed basis to families in Wilkinsburg and the surrounding region;
  • Holiday Food Distribution – collecting and distributing bags of food and turkey/ham vouchers to families on Thanksgiving and Christmas;
  • Clothing & Household Donations – ensuring children and needy individuals have warm clothes, personal hygiene items and home necessities;
  • Back-to-School Supplies – providing school bags and supplies for area youth;
  • SNAP Assistance – helping families apply receive nutrition assistance;
  • Energy Assistance – helping families stay warm through the winter;
  • Social Services – providing needs assessments and finding the right solution(s) for client needs;

We welcome you to learn more about our programs – Urban Survival and the Youth Meal Partnership – as well as get involved in the Wilkinsburg community by volunteering and/or making a donation.

We appreciate your support and interest in making our community a better place to live, work, pray, and play.



Wilkinsburg Borough hosts free, fun days of activities each month for seniors. The next date is Tuesday, January 23, 2018. For more details, please select the dropdown menu item "Info" and then choose "Community Links."


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