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Volunteers Show Off Their WCM Shirts

WCM welcomes anyone interested in volunteering their time and talent to help us improve the Wilkinsburg Community.

Come to our office or give us a call if you would like to participate in a specific program – many opportunities exist!

To volunteer, contact WCM at 412-241-8072.

If you enjoy organizing office space or donated goods, we can use your help sorting through and setting up our donated clothing and food items through our Urban Survival Program.

If you have time to dedicate outside of the WCM office and office hours there are opportunities for you, too. We need help from people with expertise as fundraising event organizers, grant writers, and volunteer coordinators.

If there are other ideas you have on how you can help improve the Wilkinsburg community, we welcome your input. Please contact us if you want to help with any of our programs in Wilkinsburg.

Please contact WCM at 412-241-8072 or volunteers@wcm15221.org if you are available to volunteer.

All of our programs are dependent upon the generous contributions of many individuals, churches, organizations, businesses and foundations. Without support from the community, our programs would not be able to meet the needs of the community. In addition to their financial support, individuals can give many hours of volunteer service in a variety of our programs. Financial and in-kind donations are greatly appreciated.


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Wilkinsburg Borough hosts free, fun days of activities each month for seniors. Watch this space for the next date. For more details, please select the dropdown menu item "Info" and then choose "Community Links."


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